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Truffles, PORCINI AND TRUFFLE SAUCE Bosco D'Oro 1 pot of 80 gr

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PORCINI AND TRUFFLE SAUCE Bosco D'Oro 1 pot of 80 gr (TDS007)

Box with 12 pots of 80 grams each one

The PORCINI AND TRUFFLE SAUCE is a special product dedicated to all Porcini Mushroom's lovers with the unforgettable taste of the black truffle,appreciated by gourmets.
INGREDIENTS:Cream of Porcini extra with Black Summer Truffle and extra virgin oilive oil
PAIRINGS: excellent as condiment of dry egg pasta such as spaghetti, Maccheroncini or Mezze Maniche.


Price: 9,40 + vat 10%

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Our product with truffle are all natural product without preservatives and colours, only oil and salt. As for the processing the fresh truffles arrive in laboratory where are selected and divided. Before the truffle are cleaned with a machine then are controlled again to take away some parts that are unclean. Depending on the product that you want to pack now you have to mince up so you will obtain a cream, otherwise it is sliced. Then add oil, salt and the product is potted. After the hermetic closing the pot are put into the autoclave and sterilized at 121 Celsius so every bacterial form is destroyed. Thanks to this approach the whole method has been analyzed with HACCP methodology to guarantee the hygienic quality of the product.

METHOD OF PRESERVATION Its important underline that our product are pace without adding any preservatives, to avoid to alter the original taste and flavor of our truffle. A delicate taste that deserve being sample. When you open the product it must be kept refrigerated adding some oil, so it can last until one month.


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