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That of Marche is a confederation of kitchens. It's situated in the middle of the peninsula, it is identified with the ancient Piceno territory (IX - IV century B.C.) and it still has a number of dialects, uses and folklore. The culinary uses of Pesaro and Montefeltro are closely related to those of neighboring Romagna (soups) as the dishes of the last southern edge are widely influenced by those of Abruzzo.
There are two aspects of the local cusine that correspond to the geographical features of the region: the first one is the inland, the second one is the maritime.
The cuisine of Marche is dominated by the presence of peasant aspects through mushrooms, the use of olives and truffle. Truffle is the sublime condiment of home made taglierini from Pesaro, Ascoli and Macerata and this guarantees an important additional resource to the rural economy thanks to Acqualagna's market, where it's concentrates one third of Italian annual production. Marche's gastronomy, which has a real taste in food filled field, has one of the most representative dishes in the olive all'ascolana, whose cultivate was already appreciated by the Romans.
Pork forms the best inland dishes like the tasty pork roast and pork sausage of the fortress of San Leo, it seems that also Cagliostro ate it when he had been locked in it.
While on Marche coasts you can enjoy a large quantity of fish products: symbol dish is brodetto di pesce, cooked differently in each port, from the red (tomato) by Pesaro to the yellow (saffron) from Ascoli. Between Conca river (Romagna border) and Tronto (before Abruzzo) there is a large use of potacchio, from the French potage, which means a small sauce married to the stockfish, chicken and rabbit, not a soup.
Vincisgrassi is the dish that unifies the region from Ancona cooking to Macerata.



Pecorino cheese with honey
Cut into slice some pieces of pecorino classic cheese 1-cm thick, roast shortly it in a very hot grill and spread on the acacia honey with a teaspoon in each slice.



According to a Marche legend the Vincisgrassi, described as princisgras for the first time by Antonio Nebbia in Il cuoco Maceratese (1783), they should owe their name to the Prince Windisch-Graetz which sublimated it in 1799 when he head up the Austrian army to snatch Ancona from Napoleonic armies.
I's an original recipe impossible to define because each marchigiano has made personal change without altering the harmony of the flavors of that baked pasta.
Bolognese sauce (preparation)
Browing in a earthenware some chopped bacon and ham fat, add chopped onion, garlic, celery and carrot which will fade slowly in addition to small squeeze of dry white wine. Add chicken giblets, tomato puree, salt, pepper and simmer the sauce for at least two hours.
Pasta (preparation)
Make a thin pastry with flour and eggs. Cut some wide lasagna of about one palm, boil them one at time in abundant salt water and when are a middle cooking you have to drain them, put in cold water, lay and dry on a dishcloth.

Lay a layer of pasta alternating a layer of sauce sprinkled with parmigiano in a dip oven dish with Bolognese sauce. Repeat the entire process time after time, closing with a last layer of abundant sauce. Cover with a thin flavored Béchamel sauce the dish.
It's recommended to make the Vincisgrassi before in the pan so all the flavours can mix well.
To complete the realization and the gratin recipe, move the pan in the oven for forty five minutes.



Rabbit in poark roast
1 rabbit
300-500 grams of wild fennel
3 spicchi d'aglio
200 grams of rind
150 grams of grease and lean
Rabbit liver and his guts
Salt, pepper

Clean and open a rabbit lengthwise sprinkle it in and outside with salt and pepper. Make the stuffed and boil it in a small saucepan of cold water the leaves of the fennel for a few minutes , then drain, squeeze and chop finely. Brown in a pan the grease, the lean and a whole head of garlic. Add the fennel and the rind boiled, previously defatted and cut in small pieces so add the guts, salt and pepper and finish cooking. Remove the head of the garlic and leave it to cool. With this stuffed fill the rabbit, sew well, put in a baking pan, oil and put it in a hot oven. If it dries during the cooking, wet it with the boil water of the fennel and turns it because the rabbit can be cooked well on both sides. When the cook is finished, about after 50 minutes, remove the string, chop to pieces and slice the stuffed.

This is a traditional dish of Marche cooking. The principal ingredient is the wild fennel, also named "the fake fennel", which you can use the chopped leaves. In the countryside there is still someone who picks up the flowers head when they are in full bloom. Flowers have to be dried up in the shadow hanged upside down. When they are dried, you can remove the green parts and put the flowers in the mill pass. You can obtain, in a percentage very low, a fragrant yellow powder used to flavor the stuffed of this recipe, season the black olives and flavor the vegetables au gratin. With this aroma the dish are very appetizing ma it's unusual find it in commerce: this can be a good reason to walk at the end of the summer to go and pick the flowers of the wild fennel.




1 glass of milk
300 grams of sugar
1 glass of oil
1 kg of flour
1 sachet of leaven to 1 kg of flour
Grated lemon, a pinch of salt
Beat the eggs with the sugar, add the flour then, little by little, add all the ingredients. Work the dough until it's amalgamated, make it's form like a baguette and then stretch in a baking pan already grease with butter. Put in the oven at 180° for about 40 minutes.



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