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Pasta, Dry Egg Pasta ORGANIC MACCHERONCINI DI CAMPOFILONE 1 packet of 250 gr

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Dry Egg Pasta ORGANIC MACCHERONCINI DI CAMPOFILONE 1 packet of 250 gr (TDS0013)

Box with 16 packets of 250 gr each one

INGREDIENTS: organic Durum wheat semolina, organic eggs 35 %
USE LIMITATIONS: NOT suitable for gluten-intolerants (celiac). Cholesterol-rich product
SHELF LIFE:24 months (2 months after case opening)

The authentic MACCHERONCINI DI CAMPOFILONE have been recognized and awarded as characteristic and traditional product of Marche Region in 1998. For this reason they can only be produced in the town of Campofilone, respecting strict and precise procedures according to the original recipe.
MACCHERONCINI DI CAMPOFILONE boast of an ancient tradition.
Originally considered a dish just for the nobles, they were born as the result of farmers tradition. Folkloric legends say the farmers of Campofilone needed to find a method for keeping and preserving fresh eggs, which were a valuable goods at the time. They started mixing them with flour, as many as the flour itself could take in. The result was a golden dough that could be cut in strings and sun-dried. These strings used to be cooked and dressed with sauces prepared with typical ingredients used by farmers living in the country. They used to be consumed during holidays.
Maccheroncino di Campofilone is the most well-known Marche’s egg pasta. In 1400, it was already well known as “the finest-cut maccheroni”. In 1700 and 1800, the Maccheroncini were quoted in cookery books of noble families. The young poet Giacomo Leopardi quoted Campofilone pasta among his favorite food. The dough comes from durum wheat flour and double the quantity of eggs used in standard pasta: the result is an extremely thin tagliatella, both delicate and compact. The main differences between Campofilone Maccheroncini and other kinds of pasta is the use of bronze draw-plates. Moreover, flour must be mixed only with eggs. Obviously, skills and experience are a must during the processing. In this way, pasta results porous, delicate, flexible, as soft as silk. In Italy, this pasta is known as “angel’s hair”. It is so thin that it would melt in your mouth.


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The line Organic 100% is very rich in fibers and is suitable for consumers interested in low-calorie diets and for whoever has issues related to food (high cholesterol, diabetes, food intolerances, constipation).
MARCOZZI is specialized in the production of dried egg-pasta.
We do produce dried egg-pasta and 100% spelt integral pasta. Our dried egg-pasta can be preserved for at least 24 months while our 100% spelt integral pasta can be preserved for at least 36 months.
The Marcozzi family is well known and appreciated by national and international market, because our dried-egg pasta: is unlike any other (because of their manufacturing production technique, dehydration method, packing and packaging) has a very high servings/quantity ratio, meaning you can get more servings from the same amount of pasta in comparison with market average pasta has a peculiar and unmistakable taste has very short cooking time are healthy, genuine, with no preservatives or colorings.


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