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Cured Meats, LONZINO 1 kg

Weight (Kg): 1,00

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LONZINO 1 kg (TDS00743)

Vacuum pack of 1,5/2,5 kg ca each one

INGREDIENTS: porks, salt, saccharose, dextrose, aromas, spices. Antioxidant: E300 E301, Preservative: E250 E252. Can contain traces of lactose

Notes: product vacuum packed subject to weight change (+/-5%)


Price: 24,30 + vat 10%

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“LONZINO”comes from muscles of the loin pig meat. Cut and trimmed by hands, lonzino is preserves with salt and seasoned with pepper for one or two days. At the end of this period the product is washed with some red wine and put in the gut of the pork or beef (fresh or dried) tied with a string and hanged to beams of the floor for the maturing.
The maturing happens in high floors, well ventilated for 4-6 months to 10.
The place for the maturing must have a temperature between 8°-12° Celsius and humidity about 70%. Lonzino has a cylindrical shape slightly conical with a length of 40 cm and a diameter of about 6-8 cm, it is differentiated by the lonza because it doesn’t have fat parts.
Covered by natural gut has a weight variable between 1-2 kg. The pork meat used comes from farming of white breeds crossed and selected in the National territory. The product is vacuum packed to guarantee hygiene and a better quality.
Use for appetizers with cheeses and sausages or as snack on fresh bread. Open the vacuum pack one or two days before using the product and liberates it from the packing. Wraps in a with cloth for one day in the refrigerator so it dries. Every time you eat it delete the first slice, if you are not using it for a day and then put it in the refrigerator always wraps in the cloth. If you respect this simple advice, the salami can be preserved for more than a month.
"Rosso Piceno", "Rosso Piceno Superiore", "Buraco" e "Collequanto" (for further information visit the RED WINE section.


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